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How to get SocioTown MMO to work in your Browser (Spring 2018)

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    How to get SocioTown MMO to work in your Browser (Spring 2018)

    Unfortunately Adobe stopped supporting Shockwave a year ago and many browsers such as Google Chrome stopped supporting Shockwave over 3 years ago. The lack of browser support is why we stopped actively updating SocioTown, since SocioTown runs on Shockwave.

    Every few months more and more browsers stop supporting Shockwave or make it harder to activate, but as of Spring 2018 there are still two major browsers that can run Shockwave without too much effort. Read below for instructions:

    WINDOWS 7,8, & 10

    The only browser that can run Shockwave is Internet Explorer. Do not confuse this with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge cannot run Shockwave. So if you have Microsoft Edge (which is the default browser for Windows 10), you'll need to download Internet Explorer.

    1. If you don't have Internet Explorer, download Internet Explorter 11 from here:

    2. Once you have Internet Explorer installed, go get the latest (and last) version of Shockwave

    (Please note: When you install Shockwave, make sure you uncheck the option to download Norton Security or other add-on software. You don't need it. )

    3. Once shockwave is installed, return to the SocioTown MMO came client here:

    If everything is working, you should see the title screen after Shockwave initializes.

    Mac OSX

    As much as the late Steve Jobs hated Flash and Shockwave, currently it's actually easier to run Shockwave on a Mac. All you need is Safari which comes pre-installed with the system. So all you need to do is get Shockwave and then activate the plug-in.

    1. Get the latest (and last) version of Shockwave

    2. Once Shockwave is installed, you may need to restart your browser. Once that's done goto the
    the SocioTown MMO came client here:

    You may first encounter this screen:


    3. Simply click the arrow in that screen and you'll be able to activate the Shockwave plugin. Once you activate the plugin, refresh the browser and you should see the title screen.

    Hopefully that should get you up and running on SocioTown whether you're on Windows or Mac. Keep in mind, with each browser update there's always a chance these steps may no longer work, particularly with Safari.

    If you these steps no longer work or you encounter any problems. feel free to post below and either I or someone will help you get the game running as long as there's a browser out there that supports Shockwave.

    FireFox also supports shockwave it works great with sociotown


    • sumayyah
      sumayyah commented
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      I downloaded firefox on my laptop and it still isn't working for me.

    What version of Firefox are you using? You can find out by clicking "Help" on the top menu and selecting "About Firefox".


      Oh my god, HI CHRIS! Its been 9 years (?) asdfhkjl; i actually thought the game was cancelled because the last forum website was full of spam and every time i log in to the game, it wont load. I also occasionally check this forum if there were any updates and you posted a topic where the game wont work because its outdated so i thought the game will not be updated anymore bUT good thing I checked again this month! I am glad the game is up and running again! I love this game so much, i made so much memories here and met people all around the world; this is the most unique mmo game i really enjoyed and I cant wait to gain new memories again this 2018, I cant wait to share this game to my friends, thank you so much for your time and effort Chris!



      • pixelzapper
        pixelzapper commented
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        So was the game offline for awhile? For how long?

      • Trias
        Trias commented
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        pixelzapper well the game has always been up and running, its just that the players doesnt come online anymore. Plus, theres also an issue between shockwave and the modern browsers that doesnt let sociotown run so we had to switch browsers just to play.

      Pale Moon also works fine with Shockwave & the game. It's a faster version of Firefox, that's more customizable:
      Also- when I clicked on the Shockwave download link on the main game site, it went to a generic Adobe page where Shockwave wasn't listed, but the link here in the forum works for me.