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SocioTown Servers going Offline

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    SocioTown Servers going Offline

    As mentioned on the Facebook page, it's with sad news that I have to announce that the SocioTown servers will be going permanently offline on October 23rd, 2020. Even though it's been several years since its heydays, I've kept the servers up, so players could still login and stroll through memory lane.

    But after 12 years, it's time to take the servers offline. This is for several reasons.

    1. With launching our new game, Polimon, I need to streamline and focus resources on that game and future projects.

    2. It's getting almost impossible to find a browser configuration that will run SocioTown. Shockwave has been dropped by most browsers long ago and it's to the point where even Flash is set to be removed by all browsers by the end of 2020. Unfortunately, browser plugins are now a thing of the past.

    3. The SocioTown Server code is old and requires running on an old server. This has been a security risk because I can't upgrade the server with modern security measures. So it was getting to the point where it was too unsafe to keep the server up indefinitely.

    So while the SocioTown server will be going down on October 23rd, please join us on Discord! I've recently setup an OTBS Games Discord server and I've created SocioTown channels where players can reconnect and also give me suggestions for SocioTown Next Please post your Socio username in the rollcall channel!

    Check out the OTBS Games Support Server community on Discord - hang out with 40 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

    It sucks to hear that Sociotown is finally dieing in October 2020. I can't remember all the days I spent playing Sociotown, but I did have alot of fun on those days. Even though you kept the servers up, I ended up being unable to play the game after some time passed.Exactly, you can't run Sociotown without Shockwave, and I think that was also one of the reasons why I couldn't continue playing the game to this day.

    It woulld be nice if you could upgrade the server. I miss playing this game!

    I might join yall on Discord, but I was wondering if you be logged in often?

    Sociotown Next??! If your making a new sociotown game; please make it asap! lol
    A Sociotown game that was made to perfection by itself, that would be something amazing.

    P.S. My Socio Username is Leon1( it's been some time since I have posted in the forums, and this is my first post on this new OTBS forum!), and I signed up in new forum with same rname as my Socio username. You haven't forgotten about me, right?